Unless you are a reader of The Manolo’s bemused coverage of the event, most of my American readers are unlikely to be familiar with Eurovision. From what I understand, it’s like the olympics of manufactured pop bands and pageantry.

I’m a little late to this, because I should mention that the winner was announced yesterday (SPOILER: Russia). That said, it’s never too late to rehash the pop culture kitsch and dancing that occurred.

No way am I going to sit through all forty-something entries. Lucky for us, our European correspondent, Owlfish, has been following the festivities and has selected the songs involving the best dancing for us. And when we say “best dancing,” we mean in the most pop culture way.

Let’s start with Iceland’s entry, which brings to fruition every youtube lip-syncher’s and bedroom dancer’s daydreams. Hilarious.

(Eurobandid – This Is My Life)

Next, Owlfish recommended Ukraine’s 2008 entry, but I much prefer that country’s entry from last year, which came in 2nd place. I could really dedicate an entire post to Verka Serduchka.

(Verka Serduchka: Dancing Lasha Tumbai)

Next is Greece, which features some nice solid teen boy/girl band choreography.

(Kalomoira – My Secret Combination)

Finally, Switzerland’s entry. Bonus points for actually singing in a country’s native language rather than all the others’ Ken Lee-worthy English. As far as music video dancing goes, this is definitely the most interesting and artistic.

(Paolo Meneguzzi – Era Stupendo)