An enterprising LJ-er scoured the net to find out what past So You Think You Can Dance contestants are up to now.  Among the highlights:

  • Musa Cooper is touring with Alicia Keyes
  • Jaime Goodwin will be a principal dancer in High School Musical 3
  • Lauren Gottlieb is on tour with Mariah Carey
  • Neil Haskell is in Altar Boyz (off Broadway musical)
  • Blake McGrath is a judge for SYTYCD Canada.

Many more contestant updates here.

Thanks to Beto for sending in the link.

I haven’t really been able to watch the show this season. As usual I am busy busy busy and have not been able to be at home when it is on. I’ll make more of an effort (or at least try to remember how to program my VCR…yes, I still use a VCR) when we get to the top 20, but in the meantime, what do people think of the new season so far?