Yesterday and today, a summit has been convened at Wolf Trap to discuss the integration of environmentally friendly practices into the arts. This seems like such a natural conversation to have that I’m surprised it hasn’t already occurred. Artists tend to be politically aware, and I’m sure that many have adopted greed practices at a personal level. Still, if you go to a performing arts venue it’s clear how much waste can occur– from the paper the programs are printed on to the vast amounts of energy required to power up a performance or education facility.

A webinar disussing the results of the summit is to occur at 4pm today. I’m told that the webinar, as well as the results of it after the event itself, can be accessed here (although I just went to the site and couldn’t locate a link for the webinar so I’ll take a look after the fact to see if they reported back anything).

This seems like a good opportunity to start a conversation about environmental issues in the dance blogosphere. With awareness of the negative impacts on the environment finally reaching a tipping point thanks to Al Gore and gas prices, green practices are finally starting to seep into the mainstream. What are your concerns as an artist, student, or patron of the arts? What can individuals and organizations to to lessen their impact on the environment? What are you or your organization doing?