Bodies of water—pools, lakes, the sea—aren’t just for swimming and splashing around. They are also great places to dance and improve your ability to move in different ways. The resistance provided by the water, the buoyancy of your body in the water, and the additional lift provided by the waves of the sea can all be used to your advantage.

I’ve been doing my barre exercises in the pool this summer. Not only is it relaxing and enjoyable, it’s helped me improve muscular strength and extension. In the water, you have to move more slowly, and therefore articulate each movement more carefully. The resistance provided by the water, when done on a regular basis, helps to strengthen and tone your muscles in a different way than when on dry land. Your center is more important than even, because you must keep it even tighter to stay upright in the water. To do your barre sequence in the pool, stand in the shallow end with the edge at barre height, to rest your hand and proceed with your same sequence as usual.

I’ve been told that extension is less a matter of flexibility than of strength and center. Being in the water really drove this point home for me. I am able to extend my leg a good foot higher in the water simply because the buoyancy of it did all the work for me, floating my leg up much higher than I am normally able to keep it on my own strength.

Another area I’ve been able to work on is jumps and leaps, a big area of weakness for me. The gravity-defying properties of water are a big assist and have helped me to improve my technique and build confidence. With gravity, it’s basically impossible to “articulate” a leap, so if this is an area of weakness for you, the slowness and lift of water can help you get down to the mechanics of getting off the ground. Even more fun than a swimming pool is at the beach. Timing your jumps or leaps with the waves will carry you higher and farther.

Sometimes when you’re on vacation, you don’t have the chance to go to class, but with a little resourcefulness (and water), you can keep on dancing. As the summer comes to a close, here’s one more reason (as if you needed one) to head to the pool or the beach while you still can.