Aria Minelime mentioned that she had seen a big increase in traffic since getting listed on Blogtimore a Baltimore aggregator of blogs. As for me, The Washington Post’s local blog directory has yielded only very modest results, though it’s a useful tool for locating other blogs in the area. However, the local blog directory has limited applicability. There is a feed available for recent updates and a few featured posts, but little else is done with the content.

I like the idea of a local blogging network. Everyone is living in the same community and blogging about their life and interests in that community from their own unique perspective. Have you ever sat on the metro and wondered what was going on in the heads of all the people sitting around you? Thanks to a local aggregation of blogs, we can now partially answer that question. Still, it would be good to have some editing and commentary to pull all those thoughts together in a meaningful way.

Enter DCBlogs, which quickly turned up in a google search for DC blogs. In addition to a dynamic feed that thoughtfully presents only the most recent post from the last 24 hour period of any given blog (thus ensuring that the more prolific writers do not push out the more sporadic ones). Additionally, there is a daily blog which culls some of the more interesting posts from the overwhelmingly large feed.

Bonus: when I contacted DCBlogs about getting listed, they said that their graphic designer would be creating a logo that will appear next to my posts in the feed. What service!

[UPDATED 10/22: Here is our logo. I think Meghan did a nice job.
It contains the current banner picture, featuring none other than Mr. P]

DC-area dance bloggers take note: the list of dance blogs in the DCBlog directory is woefully small. Be sure to let them know you’re out there so we can inject more of our perspective into the local blog community.