I stumbled onto this video– featuring swing dancers named William and Maeva– and love it for several reasons.

First, it is really special to see the interaction between live musicians and dancers. We are sometimes able to witness this at live performances (if musicians are on stage and not in the pit) but the videography, though simple, does a great job of capturing it. I love how the piano player has his eyes on the dancers the whole time, and at one point, his whole head follows the woman down when she is dropped into a dip. He is also clearly getting a lot of pleasure out of the give and take.

The dancers are incredible at what they do. The first two times I watched the video, I thought they were tap dancing. I thought, “wow, why have I never heard of this before– tap dance swing– it makes somuch sense!” Upon the third viewing, I came to the conclusion that while tap dancing the swing would be completely awesome and immensely difficult, it was just the impeccable timing of the dancers matched with the tappy percussion.

Look at the man who is dancing. He reminds me of the roadrunner. You know, the cartoon character who when he runs, his upper body is static and his legs are just a whirring, blurred circle. Similarly, the dancer manages to keep his upper body completely controlled and almost immobile while his legs whirl in an impossibly fast blur.