Today’s photo (credit: M.V. Jantzen) shows the US Capitol with the Christmas tree lit up and the stands for the inauguration being set up in the background. WordPress has turned on the snow, which adds a festive feel to the photo, don’t you think?

  • Deborah Friedes went to her first contact improvisation (CI) jam. In her post, she provides some history and context for the medium, and describes her experience. As someone who has never tried CI I found the post to be very informative.
  • Selly reflects on different iterations of the Nutcracker and on its status as the one ballet most Americans know: “it’s almost sad the the only impression most of the American public has of ballet is such a trippy ballet that’s based on a quite creepy story and that every dancer hates. You perform the same roles to the same music year. After year. After year. Not that we don’t have fun along the way.” (Dance Outlook)
  • Teresa Wiltz, former Ailey student, reflects on 50 years of the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater (The Root).
  • As Danciti reports, Move the Frame has left Great Dance, and can now be found here. Danciti limits its commentary to a snarky comment about the layout (how is that relevant to the content? particularly as most of us read blogs through a feed reader, anyway), but I just want to comment that this is the end of an era. Doug Fox was the original dance blogger. He encouraged many people, myself included, to get into blogging and helped make us known by linking to our posts. Relatively recently, he expanded Great Dance into a multi-blog platform. Move the Frame’s Anna Brady Nuse was one of the most interesting and prolific of the Great Dance bloggers. It is understandable that she has moved to her own site, as she was the only one still blogging on Great Dance.