Eric Luna and Georgia Ambarian were two of the bright spots in the TV debacle called Superstars of Dance. Hailing from Fort Walton Beach, Florida, they represented the US in the couples category.

I would love to take some partnering tips from these two; they make everything look so unique and effortless. Of course, if probably helps that she’s teeny tiny and he has enormous muscles, but I have a feeling that’s not really their secret. They manage to make all those lifts and tricks into something more than just pandering to the audience. There is something real and fluid behind it. They are calling this style cabaret; I’m not quite sure how cabaret is defined, but it certainly has a Cirque de Soleil feel to it, with more of a focus on shapes than on patterns and rhythm. According to their webpage, they are the three-time world champions in this style.

Here they are on Dancing With the Stars, with James Blunt:

I like this one less as it is more competition-y, but you can still appreciate what they do: