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I am a dancer living in the greater Washington DC area. I am interested in the topics of dance education– particularly adult and continuing education, choreography, and the transformational power of dance (both physical and emotional).

I became passionate about dance in my mid-twenties. For most other pursuits, this would not be considered late in life, but for dance, I consider myself a late bloomer. My first dance love is salsa– it was the initial “seed” that made me realize that my best tool for artistic and personal expression is my own body. That opened the door to the study of other types of dance, including hip hop, jazz, ballet and modern. I have been seriously devoting myself to the study of modern dance and dabbling in choreography over the past year.

Having a demanding full-time job (which has absolutely nothing to do with dance), and a wonderful husband and friends that I enjoy spending time with often makes it challenging for me to pursue dance to the extent that I would like. Thinking about the ways that I balance dance with my life and the way in which dance is helping me be a lifelong learner compelled me to start writing this blog in June ’07.

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