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I am not usually big on new year’s resolutions, but 2008 was kind of a long tough year so I’m welcoming the chance to turn over a new leaf. Instead of calling it my list of resolutions, I’m going to call it my 2009 Action Plan. Making vague promises to myself (i.e., gotta lose that weight and make it to the gym more) only sets me up for failure.

2008 was hard on many fronts. For one, it was a difficult year for the world. We had so many natural and human disasters. Senseless wars dragged on and death tolls continued to mount. Certain toxic elements in my workplace made it hard for me to be there many days. Then there was the presidential campaign, which lasted two years. I threw myself into a lot of projects and commitments in 2008. Three dance performance commitments– two of them incredibly time intensive, a whole lot of travel (mostly for work), and a full-time volunteer commitment on top of my more-than-full-time job for three months this fall. All of these thigns were worthwhile and important, but sometimes I sacrificed myself along the way. When you’re that busy and invested in something, you tend not to focus on your own needs very much.

This year is already off to an auspicious start. The toxic element is out of the way at work and I feel a thousand times better. Our political climate is changing– we have a new President that for the first time in a decade I feel I can claim as ‘my’ president. I invested a lot of my own time and emotional energy in getting him elected and feel personally invested in his success. It is so nice to feel hope for my country’s future. And thank god the campaign is over; we also have a nice newly proportioned Congress to show for it.

2009 will be a year in which I nurture myself; and that in turn will make me a better friend and spouse.

In 2009, I will limit my performance commitments to two. That’s one less than 2008, and it will give me some more space to pay attention to my own development. I will also have more flexibility with my time.

In 2009, I will live a more spontaneously. When I am moved to buy a ticket or take a trip, I will, budget permitting. I have a lot of extra vacation to use this year, so time is not an issue. I will take a trip to NYC before the end of the Spring.

I will make the time to spend more time with my husband and my friends. We will welcome more people into our home (mission accomplished– we had our first dinner party in at least a year or two on New Years Eve). To do this, I’ll have to learn to say no to some commitments that I might otherwise have taken on.

Each time I am moved to say something negative, complaining, or nagging, I will count to three before I open my mouth.

Oh, and one final boring one (because it’s something I’ve actually been able to stick to): I will floss every day.

So that’s my list. No mention of diet and exercise, because if I really stay true to the above, the rest will follow.

What about your 2009 Action Plan?


These are just too cool:


They are 2″ x 2″ with a clear image of President-Elect Barack Obama as he appeared on the Ellen Degeneres show dancing.

The caption reads: “Dance Yes We Can”

On the back: “Dance Yes We Can AND Will;”

We intend to flood the city by the time of the inauguration with these great reminders to our new friends in this new administration that Dance and all the arts are a part of the dialogue!

Pre-inauguration prices:

$6 for one button

$10 for two buttons

Proceeds to benefit Dance/MetroDC’s Dance is the Answer programming

To order your buttons, please email your name, address, phone #, and how many buttons you would like to order to

To paraphrase our next First Lady: For the first time in a very long time, I am proud to be an American.

I am off to a yoga retreat in West Virginia for the weekend and will be back with more coherent dance-related thoughts next week. No guarantees that I’ll stop talking about Obama though. This is just too exciting and wonderful!

A million thank yous to Salsa Gigolo for bringing this MadTV spoof on So You Think You Can Dance and the presidential race to my attention. Not only was the Baroque Waltz hilarious, but the judge impersonations were totally spot-on.

I’m still wiping the tears from my eyes.

Apropos of my recent dancing with the candidates post, Barack Obama reprised his dancing role on the Ellen show today. My favorite quote, “Michelle may be a better dancer than me, but I’m sure I’m a better dancer than John McCain.”

And just because I want to test out WordPress’ new polling feature…

Ok, I’m not really sure what this is actually about, but it sure is a witty invite. If anyone from Dance/Metro DC wants to provide further info, we’d love to hear about it in the comments–


dance/metrodc Mix-It-Up-Summit!


MEET other dance artists, designers and administrators! STATE needs! ASK questions!

ELECT to make a difference in DANCE in the DC/VA/MD region!

This gathering is non-partison with the exception that it is pro-art,  pro-dance, pro-sustaining, pro-growth!

Like all productive meetings, afterwards we will take the discussion to a local beverage establishment to discuss how art can change the world !


October 27th, 2008 7:30-8:45 pm Maryland Youth Ballet, Silver Spring!


I’m going through a time when there are priorities in my life that compete with dance; that at this time are more important than dance. I’m still dancing, but I’m not aggressively pursuing improvement or perfection. I know I will go back to dancing more when this period is over. My body’s a little mad at me. There are more aches and stiffness. I’m a little pudgier. Maybe a little lazier, physically. Less inspired to write about dance.

There is so much at stake in this election. If I’m not doing what I can to get rid of cynicism, mean-spritedness, and wasteful spending (I’m talking about an unnecessary, expensive foreign occupation, the public expense of having so many of our citizens uninsured, and tax loopholes for the wealthiest individuals and corporations), I will regret that I did not do what I could. There will always be a time to dance in the in between times and when this election is over.


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